Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt, Histon & Impington and Orchard Park Lib Dems

Steve and his family have lived in Histon since 2008. He has a career in software design and leadership in local hi-tech firms, and now works in Vision Park in Histon. He is keen to protect and enhance local schools, services and recreational opportunities and will work to ensure they can cater for a growing population.

As a parent of young children, Steve will fight to ensure that our schools continue to offer an excellent education.  Bringing up a child with a disability has a given him particular interest in special needs education and social care for vulnerable members of society. He understands the important role that youth organisations play in our community and will work to ensure that they have the facilities and support they need to thrive.

Steve is acutely aware of the problems of traffic congestion and road safety within the villages, and how dangerous it can be getting around on foot or by bike.  He is committed to making our roads, pavements and cycleways safer for everyone.

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