Our Candidates

Martin Cahn

Martin has lived with his family in the area since 2008, following 16 years living in France, Belgium and Poland. He is active in the village and has been a member of IVC parents association for 7 years. As a qualified planner, Martin is channelling his energies and professional experience into campaigning on local and national issues.

Pippa Heylings

Pippa moved to Impington in 2012 and threw herself into village life. She leads the HI Sustainability Group campaign to stop plastics ending up in the ocean. Pippa is a member of the Policy Advisory Group for Baroness Featherstone, Lib Dem spokesperson for energy and climate change in the House of Lords.

Steve Hunt

Steve and his family have lived in Histon since 2008. He has a career in software design and leadership in local hi-tech firms, and now works in Vision Park in Histon. He is keen to protect and enhance local schools, services and recreational opportunities and will work to ensure they can cater for a growing population.


Our Priorities

A Greener Environment

Protecting and enhancing the green spaces within and around our community. Promoting better recycling and encouraging more sustainable living. Monitoring and tackling air pollution. Supporting activity to improve public health.  

A Vibrant Local Economy

Supporting our retailers on the High Street and elsewhere, the employment base on Vision Park and the people who run businesses from home. Ensuring that people can travel safely within the community and between it […]

Safe, Secure and Successful

Making sure that everyone has easy access to health and social care, providing enough places in good schools for our children. Supporting more lower cost housing for younger people and families and the less well […]


News and Events


Just this year the Lib Dems have been winning seats across the country, against all parties and in district, county and unitary councils. With a chance to vote for a completely new council at South […]

Potholes … it’s getting worse

From David Jenkins’ blog: If you go onto the County Council website to report a pothole or other road defect (click here to go there) you’ll be shown a running total of potholes filled in […]

Scouts’ Honour: our promise

We know that there’s more to earning your vote than a manifesto and its policy priorities. You also want to know how we’ll behave if we’re elected. You’ll want to know what our promise is […]


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